OrangeCelebration.com was created to provide a 'one-stop' place to find out about events and activities in the Orange Township, Ohio community. Since Orange Township has been growing and expanding very rapidly over the years, there are many events, activities and programs that are available to everyone - kids to adults - that are not receiving the exposure for the benefit of those who live in the Orange Township community. OrangeCelebration.com is a bridge to discovery for what is available and accessible literally in our back yard.

Below are pictures from past events and landmarks in Orange Township. Check back for more photos to 'celebrate' our community! Want to submit a photo from your event? Contact us for information. 


"Thank you for putting this together ... A great resource for our community!"

Darlene S.

“Another great resource for our local communities to inform their citizens of available resources.”

Harry M.

"Great job and it is something our community really needs. I was impressed with how many different events you have listed at so many different locations. Something for everyone I'm sure..”

Laurie Z.

“What a great resource for finding out what is going on in our community!”

Julie P.

"Extremely useful link. Did not know all of the resources on that site. Thank you for sharing."

Blake K.

"That is awesome! Thank you so much!!!!!"  

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