OrangeCelebration.com was created to provide a 'one-stop' place to find out about events and activities in the Orange Township, Ohio community. Since Orange Township has been growing and expanding very rapidly over the years, there are many events, activities and programs that are available to everyone - kids to adults - that are not receiving the exposure for the benefit of those who live in the Orange Township community. OrangeCelebration.com is a bridge to discovery for what is available and accessible literally in our back yard.

Below are pictures from past events and landmarks in Orange Township. Check back for more photos to 'celebrate' our community! Want to submit a photo from your event? Contact us for information. 

Why Orange Celebration? 

Hi! My name is Bruce Kullberg, founder and caretaker of OrangeCelebration.com  I'm a 20+ year resident of Orange Township, and was born in Columbus the same year Woody Hayes became coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes. I went to Whetstone HS and OSU, plus served during the Vietnam War.  I've been an entrepreneur, worked for different local businesses, served on numerous boards, and have belonged to many clubs and organizations. I'm pictured with my wife Debbie (she went to Northland HS and Franklin University) and we have a daughter who attended Orange HS and OSU.   

So people ask me why I created OrangeCelebration.com.  First and foremost is because I love our community we live in and the people who make up our township. It's a small town feeling with endless possibilities.  When I moved here, one of the first activities I did was become a trustee for our HOA. From there, I served on the board of our Orange Township Business Association which later became the Lewis Center Business Association.  I received the 2010 Orange Township Business Association Spirit Award for doing what I loved to do...serving my community.  

OrangeCelebration.com came to life in June of 2016.  I envisioned it to be a place where our local community could find out about upcoming events and activities, the history of our township, and local resources and contacts.  Since then, not only has it succeeded in offering this, but there's also featured entertainment, business information and resources, fundraising and volunteering opportunities, networking and social clubs, school and sports information, special news and announcements, plus so much more.  Every day is grows a little bit more.  

When I started this service, I knew it would require money to keep it going. This included promoting events through advertisings, donating back to our community by helping sponsor local events, plus overhead costs.  Through the awesome generousity of my local supporters (see list on our supporters page) I've have been able to keep it going and continue to grow.  I thank these champions every day when I'm updating this website and social media.  Please show your appreciation by supporting their business too!  And if you'd like to become a supporter, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, or would just like to say hello!  You can find me at KullberDesigns.com or though the contact form on this website.  And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this. I appreciate it very much!   


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